Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mughal Mosque in Bicholim

On January 1, 1681, supported by a combined Muslim and Rajput army, Prince Muhammad Akbar, declared himself Mughal emperor of India and marched on Ajmer to oust his reigning father, Aurangzeb. The bid for power failed and Akbar was forced to retreat into the safety of the Deccan. There he was granted asylum by the Mahratta King, Sambhaji. It was not long before an alliance ensued in the hope that Akbar would take control of the imperial throne in Delhi. In the meantime, Mughal and Mahratta troops jointly attacked the Portuguese. In commemoration of a Hindu-Muslim victory over Catholic Goa, Akbar built a small namazgah style mosque on a hill overlooking Bicholim. It is now in the middle of a mining field although it has been renovated and is well maintained. It is no longer used, however, for prayers. 

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